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Relative Height Representation

  • Size Comparision: Half-Giant, Storm / Firbolg / Half-Giant, Cloud / Half-Giant, Stone / Half-Giant, Frost / Half-Giant, Fire


Half-Giants are the union of giants and mortal races through either magical or natural means of reproduction. Half-giants have the giant's size, strength, and gruff demeanour. They also have the less rigid morality and adaptable mind of the mortal races such as Humans, Halflings, or Dwarves.

There exist many ways to conceive a Half-Giant: be it a brave halfling wooing a giant matron with the confidence of thrice his size or a magical experiment of the Red Wizards of Thay gone awry. Most of the half-giants descended from a once-slave populace from a long-lost kingdom to the east.

Half-Giants are not beholden to the Ordning as their parent would. Certain tribes or clans may accept and welcome the Half-Giants as a member, while others may shun and reject them just as readily. Therefore, it is often the Half-Giant's decision to uphold the Ordning.

Because of this, the often-Lawful Fire Half-Giants may not look kindly upon the Firbolgs as they have rejected the Ordning. On the other hand, the Storm and Cloud Half-Giants may praise Firbolgs for their act of defiance.

Accepted Arelith Half-Giant subraces: