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Note: This race may only be selected by spending a Greater Award!
( Normal Award for Human base race)

Earth genasi are patient, stubborn, and contemplative in their decision-making. Marked at birth with obvious traits reflecting their heritage, earth genasi are often shunned by others, but their physical gifts make them able to defend themselves against most attackers. Their strength and girth means that they sometimes become bullies, attracting sycophants out of fear and respect of their power.

At least three-quarters of the earth genasi in Faerun are the descendants of outsiders native to the Elemental Plane of Earth and humans. The rest are descended from Earth deities or servants thereof instead of elemental outsiders. Most of the elemental bloodlines originate in the North, particularly near the Spine of the World, as natural portals to the Elemental Plane of Earth form there, allowing meetings between natives of both planes. The bloodlines spring up whatever worship of Earth deities is comimon. It is thought that the Ludwakazar clan of Shield Dwarves deep in the Earthspurs in Impiltur and the Tobarin family of rock gnomes in the Great Dale have elemental blood, but both are mute on the question and neither would be a true Earth genasi, but something quite different.


Earth genasi, like all elemental planetouched, are proud of their nature and abilities, but their pride is a quiet, confident sort rather than a boastful one. Earth genasi are pragmatic about their parentage, usually not going out of their way to learn their ancestry but not avoiding the topic either. Earth genasi have no special relationship with others of their kind, although they seem to prefer others who share their physical differences.

Earth genasi are obviously not Human, but have mostly Human features except for one or two distinguishing traits related to their elemental ancestor. Some examples of these features are:

  • Earthlike skin.
  • Eyes like black pits.
  • Eyes like gems.
  • Gravelly voice.
  • Very large hands and feet.
  • Iron gray hair.
  • Sweats mud instead of water.
  • Metallic sheen to skin or hair.

Mind that some (unmentioned) traits could be not or otherwise supported in the models and are therefore in principal not allowed (like glowing eyes).

However, as per the Arelith remarks upon creating a subrace: Due to racial dilution, on Arelith, the skin tones noted are VERY faint. Characters who choose deep colors for these races that are outside of the offered features will be asked to remake, or deleted. Certain obvious racial characteristics WILL prohibit or limit greatly interaction with certain groups or individuals. Common sense dictates that any creatures of monstrous appearance will be treated as monsters, and players who choose these characteristics will interact accordingly, or be asked to remake, adjusted, or deleted at the DM's discretion.

What this comes down to: when considering the overall appearance of the character, is it 'slightly creepy' (on a par with a creepy mundane) or is it 'monstrous and scary' on a par with an ogre walking down the street? The latter is where the line has been crossed (and yes, good-aligned monstrousities can still be scary). If you are in doubt, try contacting a DM to clarify whether your idea is viable or not, or accept the consequences it may have if you decide to take the gamble (like, as mentioned above, adjustment/removal of character).


Earth genasi have no common history. Most of their bloodlines derive from chance meetings between Humans and Earth outsiders, and even those descended from agents of Earth deities are spread across the world with no common purpose. Because the outsider features often skip a generation or two, bloodlines seem to disappear for decades only to pop up again unexpectedly in a family that had forgotten it's ancestry. Because Earth genasi are slightly less fertile than Humans, some bloodlines disappear altogether. Because of their varied origins, both planar and geographical, Earth genasi may be found among any Human racial group.


Proud of their heritage despite the opinions of others, Earth genasi know they are born of beings touched by the might of the Earth itself. Although they know the circumstances of their outsider heritage are rare and mark them as unlike anyone they might meet, each still feels a strong kinship to the Earth itself. Earth genasi feel most comfortable when their feet are on the ground and prefer to go barefoot if appropriate for the weather and environment (Earth genasi develop thick calluses easily and can even walk on gravel without discomfort). They are used to being treated differently, but have the strength to defend themselves if harassed. Earth genasi respect their Earth elemental cousins for their strength but are usually indifferent to Earth elemental creatures.

Earth genasi like to stake out a piece of land as their own and defend it, which makes them particularly valuable homesteaders in frontier regions like the Silver Marches. A few unusual ones come down with a strange form of wanderlust, wishing to plant their feet on every nation's soil before they die. Such a journey might take thirty years, but with methodical determination certain genasi have become famous for their long-distance travels.


Earth genasi are among the most isolated of the elemental planetouched. They are indifferent to others of their kind, believing that each should rely on his or her own strength to persevere. The only time this emotional barrier is easily breached is when two or more genasi with the same physical traits meet. The superficial resemblance awakens an echo of sympathy and kinship in the Earth genasi, and these similarities often lead to deep friendships and even marriages.

It is among these groups that small clans of Earth genasi form, usually military-based groups such as a mercenary company, a squadron of rangers, or a gang of barbarian thugs. The bonds between these individuals can grow very strong, and the bards tell of entire bands of Earth genasi meeting to punish a cruel lover or person responsible for the death of one of the band. Because the genasi are patient, sometimes this revenge comes about months or even years after the event, usually in a suprising and painful encounter.

Because of their strength, Earth genasi often fall into relationships where they are the dominant person. This means that Earth genasi are known to collect like-minded warriors about them, genasi or not, and carve out small baronies for themselves in isolated lands. Several leaders in the history of the Border Kingdoms have been Earth genasi.

Creating new character on Arelith



Abilities adjustments will depend on base race.

From base race:

Str +2, Wis -2
ECL +1
25% acid immunity
5/- acid resistance
Starts knowing the Earth Elemental stream
Does not leave tracks.
Bonus to mining ore deposits.


Earth genasi are obviously not human, but have mostly Human features except for one or two distinguishing traits related to their elemental ancestor. For some examples of these features see the appearance description above.

Life expectancy and ageing: the same as their base race.