Half-Giant, Cloud

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Note: This race may only be selected by spending a Major Award!


Half-Giant, Cloud
Half-Giant Cloud.PNG

Descendants of the cloud giants are an easy going people, highly creative, masters at strategizing, and have a great appreciation for music. Their skin ranges in color from milky white to light sky blue. Their hair is silvery white or brass, and their eyes are iridescent blue.


This Half-Giant is a member of the Half-Giant race on Arelith and although they fall under the Giant racial categorization in game, they MUST not be roleplayed as a Giant.

Irongron - Sun 24 Jul, 2022: And a reminder - don't RP as a full giant. I was cautious about adding these races not for power, but frequency and RP, I don't want to be required gate or remove the reward so soon.

Creating a New Character on Arelith


  • Requires: Major Award
  • Base Race: Human
  • Alignment Restrictions: Any Neutral Alignment


  • +2 STR, +2 WIS, +2 CHA
  • 5% Immunity to Slashing and Bludgeoning Damage
  • 10% Immunity to Piercing Damage
  • 10% Immunity to Electrical Damage
  • Bonus Feat: Darkvision
  • Starts knowing the Air summoning stream


At character creation, a Cloud Half-Giant may select a bloodline at the cost of an increased +1 ECL. Only one can be chosen and once chosen it cannot be modified.

  • Bloodline of the Fog: Dex +2, Cha -2 / Effective Stats: +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Wis



  • Racial Model: Elf (Not to be confused with Base Race)
    • Height: 148% Upscaled Elf
A relative height representation can be found on the Half-Giant page.
    • Appearance: Skin colour defaults to pale white
  • Bonus Language: Giant
  • Large-sized:
    • They may use the -twohand command to two-hand-wield large weapons (normally, due to their size, they wield them in one hand).
    • They never get extra attacks when wielding double-sized weapons, even though the character sheet may say otherwise.
    • It is mechanically impossible to wield a large weapon on the left hand.
    • They cannot use any tiny weapon.
  • Starting city: Cordor, Skal, or Sencliff

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