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Warlord of Avernus, Lord of the First, General of the Third Command, the Black Strategarch, Feaster-on-Archons
Planar Powers: Bel | Dispater | Mammon | Fierna/Belial | Levistus | Glasya | Baalzebul | Mephistopheles | Asmodeus | Pazuzu | Orcus | Graz'zt | Baphomet | Demogorgon | Dagon | Abyssal (magic) | Abyssal (war) | Abyssal (trickery) | Ravanna | Malkizid | Zuggtmoy | Juiblex | Paush | Eltab | Pale Night | Obox-ob | Abraxas | Kostchtchie

Power Level: Planar Power
Symbol: A fanged mouth biting down on a sword's blade.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Wrath, military duty, war crimes, gateways
Worshipers: Blood War soldiers, usurpers, demon-slayers
Domains: War
Arelith worshippers' alignments[1]: LE, NE
Arelith Aspect 1 Arelith Aspect 2
War and Destruction Knowledge and Invention


  1. On Arelith, the restriction for D&D clerics also applies to blackguard, paladins and divine champions