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By spending a minor award you may purchase the Noble Background. A player may make up their own noble house, of course (and be of any non-royal rank within it. Remember, no titles are allowed in your name.). This background offers a few benefits such as access to certain areas, certain henchmen, et cetera. Or they may, with the permission of others involved, join other player-made noble Houses. The setting for Forgotten Realms is also rich with canon noble houses that you may choose. These may provide more grounding in the world for other players to bounce off.

You are free to pick one of these canon Houses, though we ask that you only play a 'lesser member' (a far-flung cousin perhaps, or other distant relation) of the main Household. Finally you may choose a Noble House of Arelith of which to create a member. For drow, this opens up the Freth and Claddath options. On the surface however, the current center of noble activity is Cordor.

Cordor is a monarchy, beset by royal intrigue and lineage, with many noble houses within the city. This page outlines the six major noble houses of Cordor. There are more houses of course, lesser ones that DMs, or even players, may invent but these are the ones with the major sway in the city and the ones that players can request to join.

If a player's application is approved, and the minor award spent on a new character, they may take the second name of that particular noble house and will be recognized as such by NPCs. In addition to the usual mechanical perks, this may also grant them a little extra attention by DMs, especially if/when plots occur that involve said noble house.

In some circumstances, DMs may step in as noble NPCs to assist said PC. However, please note that both of these are subject to circumstance and availability. It is also possible that no DM assistance will be given, due to lack of interest in running that sort of event, or due to the circumstances involved in the situation (see below for more).

Finally it is to be hoped that other PCs would act with the character’s position in mind. It is certainly encouraged for PCs of Cordor to recall that they may be interacting with someone a little above their station.

Noble Obligations

Here are some points below to consider when applying, playing, or even interacting with these Noble houses. Please read carefully.

  • Your character should only be a lesser member of any house, ideally at least two or three steps removed from the 'head of households.' So for example – You could not play Kasha Derlson's Brother, or Son. Nor could you play her Cousin, or her Uncle. However the son of her Cousin, or her uncle's sister-in-law would be considered. You may also keep the exact lineage vague if you wish.
  • Your application is expected to show some knowledge of the House you've chosen, as detailed below and to roughly fit in with that house. You can, of course, play the black sheep (or perhaps white-sheep!) of the family, but they should still show some aspect of being in that House. Furthermore, this may distance you from the house's favour, and thus some of the roleplay perks stated above may not apply.
  • Your noble houses will incur some benefits, but also expectations, and limitations. In brief- your nobility may occasionally protect you from some consequences of your actions – but push it too far and your character will be on their own, without protection or, worse still, entirely disowned.
  • Your character may court whom they wish however they may not bring their partner into the House without the consent of the Head(s) of that house. Any spouse of your character must have originally been made with the NOBLE award (as we do not allow existing characters to acquire awards, even with remakes), and an application for approval for the marriage must be sent into DMs. Most houses, however, are fine with lower ranking members having 'something on the side' as it were and will not intervene in any other dalliance
  • Linked to that some of these houses will take on 'Wards' or 'adopt' into them. This allows players to play none-human (or at least none human blooded) members in theory, though applications will be more difficult and such events are rare. Furthermore, adopted members are rarely given the same amount of power, protection or weight as full-blooded family members.
  • These Houses are static in Cordor/Andunor. Attempts to destroy or overturn them are doomed to failure. Players can of course still thwart, weaken, aid, assist or otherwise interact with the Houses, but do not expect to be able to destroy them from within or without any time soon. This isn't to say your character knows this of course, but it's worth setting expectations OOC.

Key Notes

The following is a rough guide/key to points below. Note Eldren, Freth, and Claddath do not yet have expanded details.

Common Knowledge: - This bit is something any pc who'd spent a significant time in Cordor might know. Feel free to take this as In Character Knowledge.

The Rest: - The rest that is NOT in italics is to be considered very much Out Of Character, unless encountered In Game (via pc or NPC) or if your application is successful and you become a member of that house. This is written here to help players have an idea what they're getting into by joining one of these houses, and what concepts might work well.

Major House Members: Lists the most prominent members of the house, generally the head of house and direct children. All ages are generalities, we shan't be updating this every In Game year, so take with a small pinch of salt as with most NPCs. All members are human, unless it's mentioned otherwise.

Heraldry: Self explanatory

Themes: General Themes which it's advised players consider touching on their applications, or for Dms to run with. Again this is nothing that's going to be fiercely policed, but it's a good starting point for 'feel' of the house.

Faiths: A rough idea of some of the faiths most commonly worshipped within that house. In most cases though, nothing is stopping players from picking any faiths they wish.

Typical Alignment: As with Faith, this is only a rough guide as to the general behaviour of members of that House. There are likely many exceptions amongst the NPCs as well as PCs of that house, but this is a very vague trend. Also note that in terms of good and evil, it is petty, not great. House Sabel is not about to open a portal to the Hells and destroy all of Cordor, nor is House Jarlson composed entirely of Holy Paladins, wreathed in Virtuous Deeds. They are tendencies, and their doings, good and evil, tend to be of the lesser variety over all.

Secret: This you won't see on this page. If your application is successful to one of the Houses, you should receive a PM stating your house's Secret. This is a bit of information that is kept closely guarded within your house, a plot line for you to explore with DMs, or (subtly! Carefully!) with other PCs. Whilst of course all secrets are likely to be revealed eventually, if we catch PCs being very indiscreet about this, then they may face some VERY severe consequences.


House Derlson

Common Knowledge: Largest and oldest noble family around, second only to Cordor itself. Everyone knows they're the biggest voice in court, and pull a lot of strings here and abroad.

Derlson has been part of Cordor since its inception, almost. The steady left hand of the ruling Monarch for a long time, it's a genuine surprise it survived the dark days of the Patrician.

Upon Edwards rise to power, House Derlson was honoured for it's quiet but continuous support by having a manor built upon the ruins of the old Fort Cordor, next to the Palace. Matrilineal in nature, leadership, titles etcetera is passed primarily through the female line. A marginally unusual practice. Furthermore House Derlson has a tendency, based on the will of its great founders, to adhere to a set of names for its female progeny. This is based on the original Sisters that established the matriarchal structure of the House: Kasha, Elspeth, Anna, and Stella. To this day, these names are incredibly common in the House. Derlson has a storied past, some say one heavy with tragedy which wreathes the house still. It remains very active in Cordor politics on various levels however, more so than any other House, and is often the first thing people think of when Cordor Nobility is mentioned.

House Derlson is headed by Kasha Derlson, but often fronted by her much more bombastic husband Harold. They've two children, who've yet to fully reach maturity. Another notable member is Hadrian Derlson, something of a layabout who works as an Ambassador to Guldorand in the Cordorian Embassy.

House Derlson only seldom takes on wards from outside the bloodline.

Major House Members: Kasha Derlson {F, 38) Harrod Derlson (M, 38) (Anna (F, 18) Stella (F 16) (Hadrien Derlson (M 22)

Heraldry: A Brown Boar rampant on a Purple Background, One Tusk surrounded with a golden crown.

Themes: History, tragedy, bloodlines, Gothic horror

Faiths: Siamorph, Malar, Red Knight

Typical Alignment: Lawful Neutral

House Sabel

Common Knowledge: A secretive and creepy house, known for their mages, arrogance, loyalty to the crown, and mercantile affairs. Many house members keep mostly to themselves. “For Sabel, Loyalty Evermore” - Mantra of House Sabel

In the heart of Cordor, nestled among the opulent mansions of the city's elite, lies House Sabel. The Sabel family has a long and storied history in the city, with ancestors who served as powerful wizards and skilled merchants. However, their past also includes a darker side, with rumours of smuggling, dark sorcery, and other nefarious activities that have plagued the family for generations. Despite their reputation and arrogant character, the Sabels have managed to maintain their position of power and influence through a combination of wealth, charm, and cunning. Their grand estate is a testament to their wealth, with sprawling gardens, ornate fountains, and towering spires that reach towards the sky. Inside, the halls are lined with priceless works of art, rare artefacts, and magical curiosities. But behind the glittering façade, there are secrets lurking in the shadows. It is said that the Sabels have a secret network of tunnels beneath their estate, used for smuggling goods and people in and out of the city. They have been known to dabble in dark magic, and rumours persist of human sacrifice and other unspeakable acts taking place within the walls of their estate. Despite these rumours, the Sabels continue to be respected and feared in Cordor. They maintain close ties with the city's ruling monarchy, and their wealth and influence have helped them avoid any serious consequences for their illicit activities. But for those who know the truth about House Sabel, there is always a sense of unease whenever they pass by the grand estate, wondering what secrets lie hidden behind its walls. House Sabel only very, very rarely takes in wards or adopts from outside the bloodline.

Major House Members: Lord Astorious Sabel (M, 41yrs), Lady Mirabell Sabel (F, 40 yrs) – Tobias Sabel (M, 21yrs) Lilibet Sabel (F, 18 years) Illisah Sabel (10 yrs)

Heraldry And Colours: A Black Swan on a Blue Background.

Themes: Organized Crime, Dark, Occult Magic, Shady Deals

Faiths: Mask, Gargauth, Mystra

Typical Alignment: Neutral Evil

House Jarlson

Common Knowledge: Not the most sophisticated House, they're a martial lot always willing to sharpen their swords. But they're truer to their word than many of the other houses, and oft have an eye out for the common folk.

Dating back from the founding of Cordor, House Jarlson’s roots are steeped in war and combat, but time has honed that into a noble and even chivalrous edge. Though not perfect, House Jarlson aspires to be the moral heart of Cordor, many of its members being knights and even Paladins. The house acquires its wealth by forging arms, armour, and mercenary aid for Cordor. The able-bodied men and women that House Jarlson employs for such mercenary work are famously known for their righteous honour and loyalty. The current Head of Household, Lady Aurelia II, came to power quite young when both her parents passed away in pursuit of a powerful Green Dragon named Enixtryx’traleth. Her grandparents,Fensworth and Aurelia I, raised her and took brief stewardship of the house during Lady Aurelia II’s childhood.. Once Lady Aurelia II came of age, her grandparents then stepped back to work as advisors for their beloved granddaughter. Beautiful, skilled, and honourable Aurelia II is heralded as the pride and crown jewel of her house. While she is beset with many suitors but she has yet to choose one. This indecision is making the rest of the family nervous, for should she pass without a clear line of succession, it could spell disaster. House Jarlson's combative nature sadly leaves its members a little thin on the ground. Because of their thinning numbers, House Jarlson does occasionally take in the children of its slain foes, or the orphaned babes of its most skilled and respected soldiers.

Major House Members: Lady Aurelia (F, 20 yrs), Lady Talia (F, 65 yrs) Lord Fensworth (M, 71 years)

Heraldry and colours: A Moonshea style helm crossed in front with a sword and axe on a field of blue.

Themes: Knightly Courtesy, Combat, Chivalry

Faiths: Tempus, Torm, Tyr

Typical Alignment: Neutral Good

House Aermane

Common Knowledge: Stuck up toffs. Wouldn't bother with you even if you were on fire, unless you held some sort of noble pedigree. Do what you're told by them, but stay out of their way. Else you invite ruin on yourself.

Flying in the face of any meritocratic ideal, this house is living proof (if any were needed), that inherited wealth is a near insurmountable advantage, allowing even the most ill-qualified to secure lofty positions in aristocratic society. Feckless and indolent, this house has no discernible qualities or tradition beyond a self serving nepotism and an addiction to the trappings of privilege.

Despite their almost complete lack of character and competence, most members display a degree of arrogance and self conviction that one can only truthfully be born to. Far from being an outlier among the aristocratic houses of Faerun, this house is merely one of dozens of examples all too familiar to the serfs and indentured servants of the Realms.

House Aermane's only (possibly) redeeming factor is that it sticks close to its own. They defend each other vehemently from any outside attacks, and hold onto power and position like a rabid dog holds onto a juicy bone.Though this is more or less a veiled attempt to protect the credibility of the house publically, than it is any sense of true loyalty or love for one another.

A common saying within the Cordorian noble courts, 'The only thing worse than being outside of House Aermane, is being within them.' Internal conflict is rife within the house, and members snipe, jab, insult, lie, cheat and worse against one another in a constant feeding frenzy to get to the top.

The current lady of the house, Orestia, is the only blood mother to the youngest of the children, Eustace (whom she spoils rotten). She is the fourth wife of the current patriarch and leader of the house, Lord Garrant, who is now getting on in years, and who's older children are growing increasingly impatient for their just inheritance.

House Aermane is the only Cordor Noble house who will not, under any circumstances, adopt. All members must be blood related in some way.

Major House Members: Lord Garrant (M, 71) Lady Orestia (F, 25) Lords Pewsley (M, 51 married,) Nigel (M, 45, married) Ignatius (M, 31) Felicia (F, 28) and Eustace (M, 6) 'Granny' Isabel (F, 100+)

Hereldry: A single drop of blue liquid on a red background, encircled with a crown of antlers.

Themes: Nepotism, Fashion, Cowardice, Status

Religion: Beshaba, Siamorphe, Waukeen

Typical Alignment: Neutral Evil.

House Dundarrow

Common Knowledge: They're a high Noble House? Really? I think they mostly take care of paperwork and such. Really dull lot. How odd.

Some Noble Houses come to power through trade, or war, or magic, or just plain old good fortune – House Dundarrow however came to power through a very strange and unconventional method – Hard Work.

The Dundarrows have long done the tasks no one else wanted, or could be trusted to do... that of paperwork. Scribes, Secretaries, Paper Pushers and messengers, the Dundarrows are the oil that keeps Cordor running. Often entirely overlooked by the other houses, Dundarrows are never at the centre of fancy parties, wild hunts, jousts, or political meetings... but they are always found on the side lines. Watching. Listening. Taking notes.

House Dundarrow came to the current and apex of its power shortly after Edward's ascension to the throne. Rumour has it that their connections with The Heralds of Faerun enabled them to assist in the proving of Edwards genealogy – a fact that the King was exceedingly grateful for.

It is currently headed by Lord Erthwart. Erthwart, a proud and somewhat snooty scholar, is currently unmarried (despite many attempts from ladies and gentlemen of the court) but has one child, Bun, from an unsolicited dalliance in his youth. Usually such offspring would not be allowed to inherit, but shortly after the Plague of Cordor erupted and House Dundarrow suffered terrible casualties. At its end, only Lord Ethwart and his daughter survived, meaning unless matters change drastically, Bun is likely to inherit.

Adoption is rare in House Dundarrow, but can occur for the children of especially hard working and loyal servants.

Major House Members: Lord Erthwart (M, 48) Bun 'F, half-elf, 25)

Heraldry: A strung and taunt bow on a field of burgundy, with a quill as an arrow.

Themes: Paperwork, Information, Spies.

Religion: Oghma, Denir, Jergal

Typical Alignment: True Neutral

House Cremont

Common Knowledge: They just sorta appeared one day, didn't they? They put proper glamour into being nobles, with all their parties and fancy dresses and feasts! They're not too snooty either, for nobles, though they're not exactly dependable either.

House Cremont's sudden rise to power was nothing short of astounding. The newest of the 'great' houses, in the course of just a few years the previously minor noble house flourished in business, and in connections. Gold pours through their hands like water, and it seems almost everyone – from the dourest of Sabel Nobles to King Edward himself has something nice to say about them. Even Lord Aermane has been heard to grudgingly admit that they hold some of the best parties around.

Nowadays most of Cremont's gold (and plentiful it remains) comes from trades in spice, wine, fine jewellery, and other luxury goods. Their members are known for their fine fashion, wonderful parties and hedonistic lifestyle. Their mansion is strewn with beautiful art, and most of their members have some appreciation for the artistic endeavours – whether it be music, sculpture, dance or the like. Their apparent lack of interest for the more serious politicising that often goes with Nobility, and their new-money status, does bring them some disdain from other nobles, however the wiser and more experienced folk know not to underestimate their silver tongues.

House Cremont Head of House – Lord Aaron quite recently abdicated his position in favour of his daughter, Larissa, and her wife Anya. apparently due to age and illness. He still sometimes advises his daughter, but is seldom seen. Larissa and Anya have no blood children of their own (though such a thing theoretically possible by a variety of magical means) but have adopted a plethora of others. The lack of blood relation to inherit has caused some disease amidst noble circles.

Indeed, House Cremont is the house most likely to take on new members via adoption. Members are known to even scour local orphanages, taking the prettiest and most precocious children in as wards, regardless of race. A rather nasty joke goes around that if there was any nobility in House Cremont before it sprung to power, there soon won't be!

Major House Members: Aaron (M, halfelf, 130yrs) Lady Larissa (F, 38 1/4th elf) Lady Anya (F, 36) Ellen (half elf, 18, F) Lizbet (f, 15) Perri (Halfling, 13 yrs, F) Terrance (M, 11) Fitz (M Gnome, 6) Bee (F, Elf, 3 yrs)

Heraldry: A four petalled flower on a green background surrounded by golden stars.

Faiths: Sharess, Sune, Tymora

Typical Alignment: Between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good.

Themes: Hedonism, Art, Spontaneity, Social Engagements

House Eldren

House Eldren, though relatively new among Cordor's noble families, boasts a rich history on the isle of Arelith. Tracing its Noble Patent back to the lands of Minmir under the infamous Earl Manfried, the Eldren family garnered acclaim for fostering prosperity in the region's local commerce, earning noble recognition from both human and elven communities.

The family's fate would take a tragic turn, however, as Earl Manfried's actions soon brought calamity to the lands of Minmir. Rescued by the devout followers of Bane, the sole surviving heir was whisked away to Waterdeep. There, he maintained a strong connection to Arelith and the Banites who rescued him, eventually converting to the Faith. This bond would give rise to a family tradition, one that compels every new member born into House Eldren to embark on a pilgrimage to the Church of Minmir on Arelith, reaffirming their Faith in the Black Hand.

The family continues to maintain their primary strength in Waterdeep, supported by a thriving textile trade and strategic alliances formed through arranged marriages with notable Waterdeep families like Hunabar, Urmbrusk, and Hedare. Building upon this foundation, House Eldren has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of the City of Splendors' minor nobility and economy, assuming a pivotal role in both domains. More recently and particularly noteworthy is the family's connection on the isle of Arelith to Cordor's royal family, established through the union of Jennifer Eldren and King Edward Cordor.

Members of House Eldren tend to align with Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, or Neutral Evil alignments, as they worship Bane as their family's patron god.

  • Applications to play as a member of this NPC family are currently suspended until further notice from the DM Team.


Vaunted Freth

House Freth, an NPC drow house known to be influential in the Arelith under-region. Once cast into exile for their unorthodox beliefs, they took their chance during the city of Andunor's establishment to seize a metaphorical seat of power within The Devil's Table. Thanks to this positioning their ideology Freth Faith, once shunned as heresy, has become more widely accepted in the Underdark.

Exalted Claddath

The defacto ruling NPC House of The Sharps District, much of House Claddath's history defies description or is too nightmarish to even encapsulate in a brief summary. They are known as the House of Horrors and flesh crafters that churn out abominations in the name of the Mother. This Noble House has a reputation of keeping to themselves, much to the relief of the District they oversee. For few in their right mind would desire the attentions of such a family or their Matron.