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Where to find them

CD keys were included with your game, probably in your manual or on cover of your CD. It is that string of digits that you had to type in while installing your game.

Once the game is installed, the CD keys are stored in the file named "nwncdkey.ini" inside your NWN folder. This file can be opened with any text editor. Be very careful not to edit it by accident or delete it!

Why they matter

Your CD key is your password to Arelith. Bioware's NWN master server is currently down indefinitely, which means that logging in is possible without creating an account or using a password. Obviously Arelith can't just allow anyone to log in to any account, so we assign player accounts on a first come, first served basis. Here is how it works.

  • You log in and select a character.
  • The server checks to see if your account has a CD key tied to it.
    • If not, your current CD key is tied to your account.
    • If so, you are allowed to play provided your CD key matches the one tied to your account. Otherwise, you are immediately booted with the "CD key authentication denied" message.

Playing from a different computer

It is recommended that you transfer your CD keys when you switch to a different computer or when reinstalling NWN. This can be done by copying file nwncdkey.ini.

Multiple players

If multiple players are playing from the same household, in order to play at the same time each player will need a different CD key. It is recommended that each player has their own CD key, and always uses that CD key.

Alternatively, multiple players may use the same CD key, provided they do not play at the same time. However, RPBonus and bans are tied to CD keys, and as far as the DMs are concerned, each CD key is exclusively available to only one player. The "my room mate did it" excuse does not wash here.

Note: If multiple people are playing from the same network, you should ensure that each player's client port is set differently, otherwise you may run into issues connecting.

Storing your CD keys

There are two places in which your CD keys can be normally found:

  • Inside the NWN folder in a file called nwncdkey.ini.
  • Windows default is Documents/Neverwinter Nights/cdkey.ini
  • Inside your installation manual (It is those numbers that have to be entered when game is installed.)

It is recommended that you store you CD Keys in case your computer or manuals become damaged or unusable. Previously, Bioware provided a CD key storage service for their games, however, this feature is no longer available. You should instead copy your nwncdkey.ini file to a safe location or print it in case you lose your manual.

Public CD key

Sometimes, you may be asked to provide your public CD key (this would be likely requested by PM). Here are instructions on how to obtain it:

1. Find your original NWN CD Key (Key1 of nwncdkey.ini or inside your NWN instruction manual)

2. Take the first 8 even numbered digits. That is, take the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, and 16th character (either number or letter) from the CD key. For example,

  • If your key is:


  • What you want:


  • Public CD Key is:


Good Old Games

If you have purchased Neverwinter Nights from Good Old Games, your CD Key should be found in "my account" page in GoG; specifically, in your Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition specific page, where it says "Serial Keys". The CD Key included in the file by default is the same for all customers, and has been blocked on Arelith.