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Refunds for bugs and crashes

Arelith has a no refunds policy for anything but corrupted character files. The no refunds policy is an extension of the server's fairness policy, to whit 'we won't do for one person what we can't do for everyone'. How this applies to different cases can vary a bit, but this is the guiding principle we use. An example is when the server crashes - we won't refund people for stuff they lost in the crash, since (a) we have no way of tracking what that was, and (b) it would quickly consume our lives. So we don't refund anyone.

See the book When bad things happen to good adventurers in game (or here on the wiki!).

Gains from crashes

When bad things happen to good adventurers, also goes for when good things happen to good (or bad) adventurers.

Fire Boar:

"Anything that's a result of a crash cannot be reimbursed. Can you PROVE that you shouldn't have 160,000 gold in your bank account? If not, then tough. You're stuck with the extra gold. My condolences. etc. etc.
If you really don't want the extra gold, you can always withdraw it and bin it or give it to the first beggar you see on the street. Otherwise, take it as there was a bank error in your favour."

This only extends as far as accidental gains (as losses) are concerned. If you find a way to duplicate items, it will be considered exploiting - a bannable offense.