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The Dark Queen of Torment, The Forgotten Sister
| La'laskra | Oogooboogoo

Power Level: Setting-specific deity
Symbol: A sharpened dagger pointing downwards wrapped in a coiling of a barbed whip.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Drow, tyranny, unity, suffering, hedonism
Worshipers: Drow, half-drow, Crinti
Domains: Evil, Law[1], Retribution[1], Strength, Suffering[1], Drow[1]
Arelith worshippers' alignments[2]: LE, NE, LN


>>>>>>>>>> DEPRECTATED <<<<<<<<<<<
NOTE: This diety has been removed from Arelith as it is not Forgotten Realms canon.
Irongron wrote: ↑30 Aug 2019 08:21
While I have never been happy with with either addition (Oogooboogoo and La'laskra), characters will still be free to continue their worship of these unless it is precluded by in game events.

It is extremely common in the Forgotten Realms for existing deities to take on new names and personas in the quest for new followers, with hundreds of obscure local faiths constructed in this fashion.

Thus for those following such gods and goddesses in-game little needs to change beyond a willingness respect the setting in which we play, and not to metagame empirical knowledge of the Forgotten Realms.

By offering official support for some player-made faiths we effectively restrict others that are not. From this point on there will be an equal footing in this respect.
>>>>>>>>>> DEPRECTATED <<<<<<<<<<<


La'laskra is an Arelith-specific deity.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Domain is not supported in Neverwinter Nights
  2. On Arelith, the restriction for D&D clerics also applies to blackguard, paladins and divine champions