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That Which Lurks, the Elder Eye
Dark Seldarine (Drow) Deities: Lolth | Eilistraee | Vhaeraun | Ghaunadaur | Kiaransalee | Selvetarm

Power Level: Lesser deity
Symbol: Purplish eye on purple, violet, and black circles
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Oozes, slimes, jellies, outcasts, ropers, rebels
Worshipers: Aboleths, drow, fighters, oozes, outcasts, ropers.
Arelith worshippers' alignments[1]: CE, CN, NE
Arelith Aspect 1 Arelith Aspect 2
War and Destruction Magic


  1. On Arelith, the restriction for D&D clerics also applies to blackguard, paladins and divine champions