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Fixtures are placeable items that can be customized, featuring both purely aesthetically, RP-enhancing purposes and mechanical purposes, such as ritual circles, lamps and crafting stations.

Interacting with a fixture

Whenever you use a player-placed fixture, depending the type of the fixture, you are presented with a few options.

  • Crafting options, for crafting stations.
  • Interaction options, as sitting on a chair or lighting up a lamp.
  • Take the fixture. Mind that taking or destroying fixtures without RP is an act of griefing.

Acquiring a fixture

All fixtures are acquired through crafting. Forging may feature anvils and iron-wrought elements, while carpentry may feature common woodwork as household furniture.

Ownership of items

An item is considered owned by your character when you are the one that finishes its production, the last one that enchants it (though enchanting fixtures is superfluous since the enchantments disappear once placed), or if your character's name is at the end in [brackets].


If you own an item, you can customize its description freely using the corresponding crafting station, or an enchantment basin. You can rename it and alter its description as many times as you like and it will persist through resets.

The description can't be any longer than 2048 characters, so try to avoid biblically-sized texts in your fixtures.

Handling a fixture

You can put a fixture in a desired location by simply dropping it off your inventory. You will get a feedback in your combat log for the current status of fixtures in the area.

Do mind that fixtures cannot be traded; they will be dropped off and set upon attempting so.

After that, you can position your fixture precisely using a few console commands;

Rules and limitations

OOCly, you are free to do with your fixtures as you desire, though do mind the IC consequences of your actions.

Taking (or stealing, or destroying) fixtures that don't belong to you must be done with proper RP. Remembers that these are items that others players have put time and dedication to create, so don't take them lightly, but don't be afraid to act if you plan to use them for furthering the narrative.

If you accidentally destroy fixtures, it would be common courtesy to bend your RP to help with the damage or make something interesting out of it.

Areas have a set number of fixtures that they can support; a big open area in a city may have up to 60 fixtures, while a closed quarter may have 20.

Mind that some quarters have shared maps in the modules, and thus they share number of maximum fixtures. So if there is 60 fixtures cap for 4 quarters, try to limit your own fixtures to no more than 15.

Destruction and remains

  • When a fixture is destroyed, it leaves the remains.
  • Those remains are indestructible for the next 24 hours.
  • If they are not destroyed, they automatically disappear in 10 RL days.
  • A "voucher" item can be recycled from the destroyed fixture. This item is always the first material used in the crafting.
  • Remains can be repaired by:
    • Bringing the same materials (and the recycled voucher).
    • Investing 25 crafting points at DC 10 (in the relevant craft).
  • Repairing remains restore the item completely, with description and messages if it had any.
  • Remains can be -investigated.
  • Remains that are destroyed by lighting strikes have a DC 0 for investigation.
  • Remains are considered still full fixtures for rule purposes.
  • Only PC-crafted fixtures leave remains; permanent fixtures that respawn every reset do not.


Plants are a different type of fixture, since they do not count toward the normal cap, but use their own specific mechanics.

Bushes and the like can only be planted in very specific areas called fertile areas, and these areas only accept certain types of seeds. For example, only Mintleaf or Sweetberries may grow in certain area, but Belladonna and Mandrake may grow in others.

Bushes that are not in a fertile area will remain in a withering state. They will not disappear, but they will not produce resources either.

Plants that are tended by green-fingered characters will have an increased chance to spawn a resource.