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Slaves can be made on creation with a minor reward, or your character can become on by speaking to a Slavemaster in Andunor or Sibayad. There are two types of collars they can give out Prisoner and Slave.

  • Slave collars can be bought directly in an auction, and then they become the owner of the purchaser. The only way Slave Collars can be removed is via purchasing freedom, or a secret quest.
  • Prison Collars can be removed at the users discretion.

Prisoner Collars can be a useful first pick if you are uncertain about long-term slavery, a Slave Collar is typical a lengthy ordeal.

Note slaves made on creation cannot be good-aligned.

Those with Slave Collars cannot own quarters, except a few designated places for slaves as indicated IG or a room inside their master's guildhouse. They are allowed to own shops in the underdark, or own a vault in place of a quarter.

As per the setting, especially for those starting out as slaves, it is important to RP appropriately. Throwing your weight around is probably not very wise. Even a captured slave may learn to feign submission in order to better secretly work for their freedom.

For those with slave collars, should your master become inactive, you will automatically be transferred back to the Slavemaster (or a DM can assist if there are technical issues with this), and can be auctioned again for someone new.